Coffee Loaf Cake

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225 g or 1 ¾ cups Plain / All purpose flour (sieved)
2 Teaspoons baking powder
¼ Teaspoon salt
175 g or ¾ cup softened butter
200 g or 1 cup regular sugar
⅔ Cup or 150 ml Milk
2 Large eggs
4 Teaspoons of coffee granules dissolved in 1 Tablespoon hot water.


1. Heat oven to 170c,  325F. Grease and line your baking tin

2. Get all your ingredients ready, i.e dissolve the coffee, sieve the flour, and add the salt and baking powder to the flour.

3. Cream the butter and sugar until pale colour to make the cake batter.

4. Add the beaten eggs to the mixer one by one, on a low-speed setting. If the mixture starts to split, add a spoonful of your sieved flour, keep on adding the eggs, and a bit of flour if needed.

5. Ensure the mixer is still on a low speed add the coffee mixture, milk and flour. 

6. Pour the cake mixture to the greased loaf tin.

7. Cook in the oven for approx 1 hour 

8. Enjoy with a hot drink!



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