Popular ways to make Coffee at home

With so many ways to make your coffee at home it is a little overwhelming knowing where to start!
Look no further, we are here to help with our quick guide to brewing below.
Bring out your inner Barista...
Filter/Coffee Cone - Drip Method
Grind of Beans: medium-fine to coarse
Quantity of Coffee: 3 tablespoons per cup 
Brewing time - 2mins
Chemex 6 Cup- Drip Method
Grind of Beans: medium-coarse
Ground Coffee: 6 tablespoons
Brewing time - 4mins
Cafetiere - Press method 
Grind of Beans: coarse
Ground Coffee: 2-2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup
Brewing time - 4mins
Aeropress - Press method
Grind of Beans: fine-medium
Ground Coffee: 2.5 tablespoons per cup
Brewing time - 1-2mins
Moka Pot (Stovetop)  - Percolate
Grind of Beans: Fine-Medium Coarse
Ground Coffee: 2.5-3 tablespoons 
Produces the equivalent of a single or double shot
Brewing time - 5mins
Siphon - Vacuum method
Grind of Beans: Medium coarseness
Ground Coffee: 6 tablespoons of coffee
Brewing time - 6mins
Produces several cups
Dont forget to compost your coffee grinds!