Superblend Lattes and Herbal Teas 

Our favourite brews

Matcha Latte with Vanilla : Our Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is organically-grown. Packed full of goodness our Matcha is high in chlorophyll which is said to promote the production of red blood cells and absorb toxins in the body. This makes a slow-release caffeine drink which is a popular alternative to Coffee.

 Beetroot Latte with Ginger : 100% organic our Beetroot Latte is a popular choice among athletes due to its high levels of nitrates. Nitrates have been shown to boost exercise performance. A nourishing drink enjoyed hot or cold in a smoothie.

Peppermint Tea : Our Peppermint tea is 100% naturally calorie and caffeine free. Its essential oils include menthol, menthone and limonene which are released when added to hot water. Research suggests Peppermint tea contains anti viral and anti bacterial components.